Coping with failure: Cardiff City FC

In a remarkable run of ultra-crapness, my beloved Cardiff City FC – who recently looked destined for a guaranteed play-off place (if not automatic promotion) – conspired to turn into a wobbly bag’o’cack, collecting just one measly point from a possible 12.

Today, all they had to do was draw to Sheffield Wednesday – a team languishing miles below us in the league, but even that proved too much, so it’s another season in the Championship for us (or the ‘Second Division’ as it should rightfully be called).

Naturally, I’m horribly disappointed by this rubbish end to our season, but my reaction seems a little more restrained that I anticipated.

A few years ago, this would have been my response:

Football: coping with faiilure - Doom and Despair Man

But now – perhaps because I’m older or perhaps because I’m not sure if the corporate-powered, prawn sandwich-propelled Premiership is to my tastes – I feel a lot more like this:

Football: coping with faiilure - The Philosopher

How do you cope with defeat? Check out the What kind of fan are you? section, or drop me a line…

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