Some weekend snaps

A few low-res pics taken with my new Palm Treo (don’t worry, I’ll be boring you guys shitless with all the details soon)

Friday night: down the Albert and then off for some Smiths/Motown/indie boot shaking action on the dance floor of How Does It Feel To Be Loved, at the no-nonsense Canterbury Arms.

A new aaiee! cover your eyes! the world’s gone orange! paint scheme has sadly seen the disappearance of the old distorting fairground mirrors that used to hang on the wall, but at least the amazing illuminated Manhattan skyline survives.

Saturday afternoon we wandered around London and spent hours in Foyles bookstore in Charing Cross Road. There’s a really good jazz record store and cafe on the first floor. And tons and tons of books.

My bookmark!

Years ago I took a, frankly, pretty average shot of the Foyles neon sign on my old, super-swivelling Sony F55E camera.

Last year, they wrote to me asking to license the image for their range of bookmarks – and here it is!

By the campfire at Nu-Urban Towers. Saturday night was party night in Brixton, and an open fire in the garden gave the evening a mini-festival swing.

I drank lots of Lowenbrau Lager (bought because I liked the blue colour of the cans) and woke up with a hangover (bad) and smelling of wood smoke (nice).

Talking of partying, my birthday celebration/mini-Offline at the Albert last week was fantastic fun.
See the drunken evidence here

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