Two Offlines, The Actionettes, my birthday and a trip to north London

It’s been a hectic few days – and it’s my birthday today. Woohoo!

Thursday 30th March

On Thursday, I put on another Offline club night at JAMM, Brixton.

Compared to the monthly shambles that was the Dogstar, it’s a pleasure to put on bands here, with the venue sporting a fantastic PA, great lights and a proper stage.

Trouble is, the place looks completely closed from the street so there’s no chance of attracting any passing trade – in fact people who arrived outside were texting me to say that they must have got the date wrong because it looked closed!

The cabaret was great – and thanks to the decent PA we could actually hear what was being said – but the stars of the show for me were Molloy. They rocked!

Fri 31st March

On Friday we had to meet up with an Actionette in some hideous cocktail bar in the City that was so bad we waited in a nearby pub instead.

Then we headed up to the lively Lower The Tone lesbian/mixed night at The Oak Bar, 79 Green Lanes in (shudder) north London.

The gig was great fun. I got pissed, danced about and to cap it off we managed to get a cabbie who was prepared to go south of the river!

Sat 1st April

On Saturday it was my birthday party at the Prince Albert, Brixton and the place was packed to the rafters!

Belinda baked me a lovely cake with a Welsh flag (!), loads of my mates DJ’d, people danced, I got drunk again and had a fabulous time.

So good in fact I managed to forget all about the extra digit that now has to be added to my already-weighty tally of years…

Celebrating birthdays is great fun – I love it. Getting old isn’t so hot though…

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