Modstock at the Rocket in Holloway Road


Actionettes at Modstock

Despite my bloodied hooter, I ventured up to the Rocket in Holloway Road for Modstock.

Billed as a “3 Day Event Celebrating 40 Years of Modernist Culture”, it was a curious mix of stylish young mods, middle aged sharp dressers and some less well-weathered old ‘uns squeezing into mohair suits.

I was there to take snaps of the Actionettes, who performed a short set inbetween a moody fashion show and an old-school 60s band. It was fun.

In case you didn’t know, I’ve always had a soft spot for Mod. I grew up with punk, Motown and the Who. For me, Quadrophenia remains the definitive album about teenage energy, awkwardness and rebellion.

I was even in a moderately well known mod revival band, Beggar, and we recorded several tracks on the chart-denting (just!) Mods Mayday 79.

I bet that, err, impressed you, eh?!

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