urban75.com is down for a short while

If you’ve run your own website for a while, you’ll be used to occasional techie problems with your server, so when I found that urban75.com was down, I figured it might be down to the thing needing a reboot, a swift elbow in the RAM or some command code wizardry.

What I didn’t expect to hear was that the entire server had been unplugged, removed and dumped in the bin – without anyone even telling me what was going on!

To be fair, the site had been hosted for free since 1997 and had carried on despite several takeovers of the original company, but it does leave me a bit in the doggy-do right now. urban75.com has vanished!

Happily, all the files were backed up on my own PC and the resident urban75 tech genius known as ‘Lazy Llama’ is on the case, so you should start seeing the site coming back in the next day or two.

Meanwhile, the far bigger urban75.net and urban75.org sites remain up and running so we’ve only lost part of the urban75 ’empire.’

Apologies for the interruption.

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