A look down Coldharbour Lane over half a century ago

Although vast chunks of Brixton have changed dramatically over the years,  the stretch of Coldharbour Lane close to the junction with Brixton Road seems pretty unchanged.

In this 1958 view above, a lone car rumbles along towards the centre of Brixton, with the street lined with small shops including what looks like a Dolls Hospital.

To the right, you can see a shop where the 414 Club now operates, and there’s a large awning outside what is now the House Of Bottles (with the Prince Albert pub wedged in between).

Check out the full size photo – and a modern comparison scene – here.

5 Comments on “A look down Coldharbour Lane over half a century ago”

  1. So how old is the Albert, then? The link you posted shows a picture of the pub in 1939, before refurbishment- do you know when it first opened?

  2. looking at the pic of coldharbour lane looking to the right can any one remember the shop that sold horse meat ? I use to say to the butcher mum said give me a sheeps head and leave the eyes in why he asked to help see us through the week

  3. thank you editor I missed that one yes that pic takes me back I remember waiting with my mum to get our ration of meat we use to get a little extra as one of the butchers lived opposite us in the late great Geneva rd Brixton

  4. hi editor yes I saw the blog you put on the web it was good of you to dig down and find these great pics its nice to know that someone is doing Brixton justice

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