Best dSLRs under £500

Budget dSLRs (under £500)

I get asked this a lot, so here’s a page with four of my recommended choices for cheap dSLRs: Best low cost dSLR cameras: 2007

They’re all more than capable of extremely high quality results, so your best bet is to try them out on a shop and see which feels best in your greasy mitt.

If your pockets are deep and plentifully stocked, you can’t get much better than the new Nikon D300 – it’s an astonishingly good camera, but very pricey (approx £1,200).

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  1. Great article – cheers.

    Although… I’m still unsure what benefit I would get from an SLR. I understand the concept of seeing the full picture within the viewfinder, but if I compose most pictures using the LCD screen anyway, then where’s the advantage?

    Still, tempted…

  2. Hi Obb
    The advantages that a dSLR gives you is far more control over exposure, much better low light pictures, less noise, faster performance, RAW shooting and, of course, the flexibility of using different lens.

    The one disadvantage – and it’s quite a big one for me – is that dSLR’s are much bulkier and tend to attract more attention if you’re trying to take ‘street’ shots.

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