Granville Arcade (Brixton Village), 1961: ‘London’s Largest Emporium’

Granville Arcade, 1961: 'London's Largest Emporium'

Some fascinating footage shot by British Pathe in summer 1961 shows Granville Arcade in all its rather stylish glory – with a particularly natty Art Deco sign above the Coldharbour Lane entrance.

Granville Arcade, 1961: 'London's Largest Emporium'

Coldharbour Lane entrance. Note the two Morris Travellers parked to the left.

Granville Arcade, 1961: 'London's Largest Emporium'

General view inside the market, which looks freshly painted and in good order.

Here’s the description from British Pathe:

Several shots of the Caribbean market in Brixton’s Granville Arcade; West Indian shoppers, mostly women pick over fruit and vegetables on the market stalls; sweet potatoes, some kind of pink member of the aubergine family, pumpkin, okra (Lady’s Finger) and bananas are seen. C/Us of signs advertise exotic (for 1961) fruit and vegetables. Women stand at a meat / butchers’ stall.

M/S of the top of an archway reading ‘Granville Arcade / London’s Largest Emporium’; M/S of the arcade entrance, pan left to show a railway bridge. More shopping and market shots; West Indian women look at nuts and pulses, clothes; two young black boys look at a toy stall; a small boy eats a mostly melted ice cream. A baby girl sits in a pram as her mother shops for shoes. Nice general shot looking down the arcade at the stalls and shoppers.

[British Pathe website]

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