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urban75 bulletin boards: feedback forum rules
(Last updated: 27th Oct 2008)

The feedback forum is a special forum for serious debate concerning issues relating to the running of the bulletin board ONLY.

All serious questions relating to board admin and technical issues should be posted here and nowhere else.

It is not a forum for general chat and such content will be removed.

If a poster is banned, DO NOT start a thread demanding an instant, in-depth explanation: searching through the user's last posts will probably reveal why they were banned, otherwise try politely PMing a moderator instead (although we're under no obligation whatsoever to dedicate time to answering individual requests).

Although the mods will endeavour to deal with all queries posted, it should be borne in mind that the mods are very busy and are under no obligation whatsoever to answer individual questions.

Please note that his new forum represents a considerable extra workload for the mods, so any trolling, wind ups, unprovoked personal attacks, showboating or general pissing about here will result in an immediate temp ban with no quibbling.

» Feedback forum

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