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the urban75 dictionary
Created from u75 user contributions on the boards

ace [verb] to deliberately get banned in a blaze of glory
ad hominem [adjective] personal, as in "an ad hominem attack", such as when one poster levels personal slurs at another instead of tackling their post(s); [noun] (usually shortened to 'ad hom') a personal attack or abuse
admin [noun] a 'mod' (cf) with access to all controls across the whole of a bulletin board; mod with technical knobs on (eg miss minnie)
anarchist hairdresser [noun] insult levelled at a perceived armchair anarchist tendency who criticise the ideas and actions of other anarchists; "The anarchist hairdressers are the kids who run around sniggering in packs, doing lots of pointing, quoting marx, not much else." (Coined or popularised by montevideo)
anarcho-stalinist [noun] a person expressing a hybrid political position, generally characterised by authoritarian attitudes on issues such as law and order, and libertarian attitudes towards bread products. Arch enemy of the 'islamo-fascist', the 'wadical' and the 'wiberal', and a thorn in the side of 'mods'; [adjective] that relating to the views of an anarcho-stalinist
anarkid [noun] derogatory term for juvenile 'lifestyler' anarchist with somewhat undercooked political views. orig: cod 'street' slang for member of the 'Anarchist Youth Network' (believed defunct)
arsenugget [noun] a person experiencing a state of revolutionary activity between their fourteenth birthday and gap year, shortly thereafter to bugger off and get a job in advertising denouncing all previous actions as just a phase


b [verb] to constantly ask the u75 community banal questions about one's own life, in the manner of someone talking aloud; "To b or not to b." cf 'nosos'
ban [noun] a punishment meted out by mods for breaking the FAQ's; a banned poster cannot access their PM's or post on the boards. Bans may be 'tempbans' or 'permabans' depending on the severity of their offence and the mood of the mod
beawer [noun] female 'chav'
bin [noun] a locked 'forum' where threads which break the 'FAQ's are deposited
bin patrol [noun] collective name for posters who compete to be 'last in', often rallied by cries of 'bin/ban!'
"Bin/ban!" [exclamation] the cry thrown up whenever any remotely contentious issue is raised
binty [adjective] 'notty', 'dutty' and/or skippy; [noun] a notty, dutty and/or skippy person
blog [noun] a 'web log', or online diary; often a very basic website maintained by a single author, using blog-publishing software like LiveJournal ( or Blogger ( Typically blogs are comprised of articles arranged chronologically, which the most recent first. There is a 'U75 Blog List' maintained by FridgeMagnet, detailing some of the many blogs run by 'Urbanites'.
board wars [noun] conflict between bulletin boards, resulting in invasions and counter-invasions by members of each. Often the result of an inflammatory post and a helpful 'hotlink'. Some - such as popbitch and Burning Man - have been quite funny; others, from right-wing and pro-gun sites have been less so. Starting a board war will earn you a spanked botty from the editor
'boards, the' [noun] the Urban75 bulletin boards (as opposed to the .org or .com sites, which encompass other content)
*bookmarks* [action] a way of expressing interest in a thread, derived from the behaviour on now-banned poster oddjob, who would post it up but make no further comment. By so doing, the relevent part of a fast-moving thread could quickly be accessed at the poster's convenience, without having to wade through already-read sections, by use of the 'first new post' function. cf '*unsubscribes from thread*'
box [noun] a receptacle for one's 'PMs', limited to 50 per ordinary poster, or infinity for 'mods'; filling one's box up is 'dutty', and likely to result in threads being started asking you to clean it up; see here ( for location of main PM box control link
Bristolites [noun] 'Urbanites' based in and around Bristol, marked by excessive debauchery, fungiphilia, house parties and excessively long Aston Court Festival threads. Often found in the 'Bristol and South West ( forum. cf 'Ciderites'
'Buddy List' [noun] not entirely useful function allowing a poster to keep track of their online chums, send multiple 'PM's (no more than 5 at a shot, mind), and to have buddies marked with a '+' on the 'Currently Active Users' list; see here ( for location of button on main taskbar; the Buddy List is also accessible throught the 'User CP'; cf 'Ignore List
'bulletin bordello' [noun] affectionate nickname for urban75, based on high number of relationships established through people meeting on the boards
bump [verb] to post on a thread - and so putting it to the top of the 'New Posts' page and the thread's own parent forum page - which has not been posted on for some time; sometimes this can be a deliberate act (eg to revive an older thread with new information), and sometimes it is unwitting; [noun] a post made that is considered to have 'bumped' a quiet or forgotten thread
bump etiquette [noun] nebulous code surrounding 'bumping' which has long divided forumaticians, and remains unresolved. See the to bump or not to bump? ( thread for relevent discussions
bushbot [noun] a person given to monotonous repetition of (North American) Republican platitudes, usually without due care or consideration (cf 'freeper')
butcher [verb] to cut a feeble argument down to size; to annihilate; "Lordy, I was totally butchered on that thread about the unionisation of Peruvian nose-flute craftsmen, next time I shall read up on the subject more."



C+P [verb] to post up cut and pasted material, excessive use of which is frowned upon [noun] cut and pasted material
call-out [verb] to publicly and by name insult, disparage, demean, abuse, chide, curse or by other means attack another poster, in disregard of the 'FAQs'
call-out thread [noun] a thread specifically targeting another poster (or posters) for abuse, ridicule or a biffing, expressly forbidden in the holy scriptures (qv 'FAQs'). Generally followed by calls to 'bin/ban!'
chav [noun] a notional stereotypical working class youth with an ample wardrobe of bespoke tracksuits, Burberry accoutrements and catalogue shop jewellery. Invocation of said word currently likely to produce 400+ post 'flamewar'
Cider & Tractors [noun] the 'Bristol and South West ( forum
Ciderites [noun] small but vocal crew of 'Urbanites' in the Devon area, which together with the 'Bristolites' and the Weymouth posse forms a West-of-England axis to keep the Brixton lot in check
clarm [noun] the 'gentrified' Clapham
clarmify [verb] to change a down-at-heel area by means of opening up coffeehouses, antiques boutiques and "charming little" bistros; qv 'gentrify'
cobweb left [noun] the 'old' left, typified by Ken Livingstone; term coined or popularised by now-banned poster Swarthy Thug
cockwoggle [noun] person so very stupid they are unable to retract their own foreskin and hold it in place, hence needing to utilise a woggle for said purpose
Compulsive Posting Syndrome [noun] (a.k.a. CPS) 'posters' who feel that the small matter of having absolutely nothing to say on a given subject shouldn't prove a barrier to them enthusiastically adding to their 'post count'
conspiraloon [noun] a conspiracy theorist (derogatory), typified by wild, irrational analysis. cf 'loonspud', 'tin-foil hatter', 'conspiranoid', 'CTer'
conspiranoid [noun] conspiracy theorist of the fearful, fluoridophobic bent. cf 'tin-foil hatter', 'loonspud', 'conspiraloon', 'CTer'
Cornish logic [noun] a system of reasoning marked by its lack of dependency upon facts, rational thought or cogent arguments, thought to have developed from standard logic, but affected by leylines, electricity pylons and high levels of anti-freeze in the homebrew. qv 'Tobyjug fact'
council TV [noun] bog-standard, 5-channel terrestrial analogue telly (coined: Chorlton, 4/3/05)
CP [noun] see 'User CP'
cross-posting [noun] posting up threads about the same topic in different 'forums' to ensure greater visibility and better 'trade'
CT'er [noun] conspiracy theorist; often a smear rather than an accurate representation of the views of the person so labelled (qv 'tin-foil hatter')
cull [noun] the act of trimming away old/expired posts carried out by a 'mod', usually deliberate and for reasons of space, but occasionally accidental and resulting in radically reduced postcounts (qv 'FridgeMagnet Cull', 'Great Cull')

cut and paste odyssey [noun] a particularly large, 'FAQ'-busting exaple of 'C+P', generally suggestive that the 'poster' themself does not have many ideas of their own, or is too lazy to summarise and 'link' the C+Ped passage. Often associated with the 'loonspud', and often involves citing 'conspiraloon' websites (eg 'Joe Vialls') if it were a credible source


dead thread [noun] an obituary thread, announcing or discussing the (recent) departing of a celebrated sporting personage, political figure of note, ubiquitous televisual buffoon or other, similarly deceased-but-well-known-whilst-breathing chap or lady
deep sea lurker [noun] a poster who has been banned previously, who maintains a low profile for fear of being outed
dendrons [noun] origins of this are unclear, but one theory is that 'dendrons' are a race of non-humans who reside in areas of parkland just outside cities and provide hours of entertainment to visitors experiencing mushroom-altered states of perception. Known to particularly like 'special' sandwiches. some them may be called and/or coloured 'norman'
digital palaeography [noun] the study and analysis of trends in membership of Urban, defined over time. See 'Digital palaeography: the six ages of Urban (' for more. cf 'threadology' and 'forumatics'
dinghy [noun] someone so foolish they make the same stupid mistake twice
Donna Anthrax : the first lady of 'riscoque'
dubversion [noun] a fictional band name, created in order to confuse and/or impress others by ones superior knowledge of popular music; "Surely Olivia Tremor Control must be a dubversion?" "No, they are a real band"; [verb] to recount anecdotes about getting pissed with the managers of obscure eighties indie bands and how the bassist subsequently stole one's then girlfriend/boyfriend
dubversiony [adjective] term describing a thread with 5 or more rolleyes smilies

elspeth symrivi [noun] a troll specialising in fallacies and disingenuous semantic pedantry
emoticon [noun] see 'smilie'
ern [verb] to begrudgingly deserve, despite attendant shortcomings or flaws; "He was being an irritating bugger, but still, he erned that pint, if only to shut him up for five minutes"
Erncult [noun] imaginary clique of secret fifth columnists undermining urban75 at every twist and turn; the Salem-esque use of this as an accusation levelled at someone a poster does not like or with whom they have had a heated disagreement often helps bring others onto a thread in a race to denounce the victim, regardless of the validity of the relative positions originally stated by the accuser and accused
ernism [noun] (1) a statement or phrase (sometimes wrongly) attributed to banned poster ernestolynch; (2) a situation where a new or little-known poster is (almost always falsely) accused of being banned poster ernestolynch


facist [noun] fascist, usually in an ironic sense. cf 'rascist', 'homophone', 'stalminist'
false dawn flounce [noun] a prematurely-announced 'flounce', where the prospective flouncer fails to leave the 'boards' and may even end up posting more often than ever. Often applied in circumstances where the consensus is that the flouncee should flounce, and flounce long
fap [sound] (usually: 'fap fap fap') an expression of attraction (generally male to female); from the fapping sound associated with onanism (possibly derived from the minor 1990 Christian Slater movie 'Pump Up The Volume')
FAQs [noun] ''frequently asked questions (', also known as the holy scriptures - a set of rules and advice for using the boards. no known position on the eating of pork, though spam is fervently rejected; see here ( for location of button on main toolbar
festographer [noun] a student of 'festography'; a person obsessed with weather forecasts and real ale; the arch-festographer is William of Walworth
festography [noun] the study of (music) festivals filthbagel, filthbeigel [noun] one who is a dirty fucking no-good drug-taking carefree bread product, eg MightyAphrodite
firked [adjective] to get overly upset or riled by a post or poster, usually out of loyalty for a friend; often marked by a loss of a sense of perspective, Tourette's-style outbursts and disproportionate abuse
'First New Post' [noun] a button allowing a (registered and logged-in) poster to jump straight to the first post made since they last looked at a thread. See here ( for an illustration
Flickr ( [noun] a picture-hosting website, useful for 'image posting'. The basic service is free, and you can maintain a small number of galleries (cf 'PBase', 'ImageShack'; qv 'image posting')
flimsy [verb] (1) to declare one's support for more than one football club: "I flimsy Liverpool, Bristol City, Taunton and Charlton"; "He's flimsied with United tonight, it was City last Saturday"; "He flimsies Celtic and Rangers"; (2) to wish defeat on one's own country in sport; [adjective] a fickle and fairweather supporter or fan: "He's the flimsiest fan I know"
flounce [noun] the virtual equivalent of taking your ball home when things aren't going your way; the act of leaving the boards in a huff, usually accompanied by various valedictory 'call-outs'; often to be followed by the quiet return a few weeks later [verb] the act of committing a flounce
flounce thread [noun] a thread announcing a 'flounce'
forum [noun] a subject-themed sub-section of the boards; eg 'the music forum ('
forumatics [noun] the statistical analysis of posting behaviour and trends across the 'boards'. Also known as 'threadology'; cf 'digital palaeography'. For examples, see 'threadology & forumatics: where do you do yours? ('
free party [noun] an unlicensed party or *ahem* rave Typically held in an empty warehouse or industrial unit (usually squatted), or else outdoors in woodland or fields. qv 'hedge party'
freeper [noun] unthinking (North American) right-wing troll (cf 'bushbot')
friday threads [noun] weekly threads asking about weekend plans, or providing jokes and entertainment. Notable examples include loud1's games threads
'FridgeMagnet Cull, the' [noun] (a.k.a. 'the FridgeMagnet Oops') horrific postcount-trimming incident attributed to the button-happy ways of the newly bemoderated FridgeMagnet. Some veteran posters can tell you where they were when it happened, JFK assassination-style. cf 'the Great Cull' **DATES???**
fuckmuppet [noun] a fool; an idiot; a poster displaying few signs of sentient life
fuckspud [noun] a fool; idiot; moron; a troll of feeble capabilities
fucktard [noun] a person so without hope as to be incompetent at life
fukstik [noun] fool, idiot, low attention-spanned moron; "Shut up you fucking fukstik."
furvert [verb] to 'follow through', usually in embarrassing circumstances; "I was just cycling to work, I felt a fart brewing, I let rip, and... Well, I furverted all over the saddle."


gardening leave [noun] (1) an informally-enforced leave of absence (2) a pre-emptive 'ban', typified by Mrs Magpie banning ernestolynch for Summer 2005
gentrified [adjective] (1) 'clarmified'; (2) used to describe something the poster disapproves of
Glasto measures [noun] the no-holds-barred style of moderating personified by Mrs Magpie in the run-up to the 2005 Glastonbury Festival, when she was the only member of the admin team on the boards. Notable elements include terse warnings followed by action; liberal use of bans; following the 'FAQs' to the letter
'Great Cull, the' [noun] the first major 'cull' which had repercussions throughout the boards, wiping out many prolific posters' preciously-built up postcounts in an instant. cf 'FridgeMagnet Cull' **DATES???**
Guardianista [noun] derogatory term for a UK 'liberal', implying an over-reliance on a wishy-washy newspaper

Gurnip [noun] people in clubs who sit around totally monged on too many pills or whatever instead of chatting, dancing etc.


Hairtrigger Post Reporter [noun] (a.k.a. HPR) a hyper-sensitive 'poster' continually taking offence and running directly to the 'Report Post' function
Hamster Mansions [noun] the Tardis-like home of Fat Hamster
hatboyish [adjective] to prize oneself as more interesting, more street, more diverse in one's choice of associates; "Bugger, he's a bit hatboyish is that fella"
hedge party [noun] it's a 'free party'. In a hedge. Because you love it. A now-annual summer event organised by 'Urbanites' for Urbanites, since 2003
high density poster [noun] a poster who sustains intensive bouts of high posting; nothing below 20 'PPD' qualifies
homophone [noun] homophobe, usually used in an ironic fashion, but not as commonly as 'facist' or 'rascist' (qv 'stalminist')
hotlinking [noun] the act of 'linking' directly to a picture hosted online using [IMG] tags, meaning it is displayed; see 'image posting' and 'vBulletin tags' for more details

'Ignore List' [noun] a means by which a poster can avoid the posts of other, named individuals whilst reading threads (though each individual post is accessible by way of a 'view post' button'; 'flamewars' (qv) between posters will often be punctuated by entreaties to "stick them on ignore!" by a third party; accessible through the 'User CP'; cf 'Buddy List'
image posting [noun] the act of adding pictures to one's 'post'; this may be by using the 'attachment' function (see here ( for button on posting page), but as this limits images to no more than 15kb in size, it is usually preferable to 'hotlink' to an image hosted online. The 'FAQ's state that hotlinked pictures may not be over 75k in size. The is also a limit of five images - including 'smilies' - per post, with images also being blocked in some forums (eg the Feedback Forum ( However, there is no limit on the number of images im a 'PM'.
For more help on posting pictures, see here ( and here ( (qv 'PBase', 'ImageShack', 'Flickr')
ImageShack ( [noun] a free picture-hosting website, useful for 'image posting'. You can maintain a single gallery of your pictures, and the 'links' never expire (cf 'PBase', 'Flickr'; qv 'image posting')
islamo-fascist [noun] (derogatory) term for a person espousing or supporting authoritarian islamicist politics
"It's ye!" [exclamation] incomprehensible cry broadly correlating to "it is you!", applied as a greeting, a statement of fact, a reply to a (sometimes unrelated) question or a reflex grunt

jark [verb] to hang about on jms's threads posting pointless and irrelevant material; "Golly, poului, ich bin ein mod and i_hate_beckham enjoy a spot of jarking, don't they?"
jezza [verb] to gurn like a mofo, then arrange drinkies afterwards
jittug [noun] a state of chemically-initiated silence/inactivity; "Blimey, he's really in a jittug, isn't he?"
jms [verb] to post a thread no one is interested in


kindie [verb] (1) to never make a serious post ever; (2) to bump pointless threads eternally
kittens [noun] fluffy feline distractions designed to derail of defuse tense threads (cf 'marmot')
knobbing & sobbing [noun] the 'health, relationships, sexuality (' forum (qv 'wanking & spanking')
kronie [noun] a Trotskyist (coined: Taxamo Welf, 4/3/05)
kropotkin [verb] to post in a manner that is both considered and balanced, then suddenly to lose patience
krs [verb] to go on a thread-starting frenzy, possibly as a result of chemical enhancement or a blow to the head
krsed [adjective] to be chemically enhanced whilst at work

"Last in!" [exclamation] weird obsession with cyber dustbin by people with a sahara desert-worth of emptiness at the core of their being (qv 'bin/ban!')
'Last Post' [noun] a button allowing a (registered and logged-in) 'poster' to jump straight to the last 'post' on a 'thread'. See here ( for an illustration
liberal [adjective] political default setting on urban75 [noun] (1) poster with 'liberal' sensibilities; often applied in derogatory terms (qv 'wiberal', 'guardianista') (2) (U.S.) anyone who doesn't moisten at the thought of Dubya fingering the big red button
lifestyler [noun] 'anarchist' with all the badges/t-shirts but none of the books; commonly squats dwelling before being removed to West Kensington by parents in daring midnight helicopter flit, secretly angling for a job in advertising/the city (qv 'arsenugget')
link [verb] to provide a hyperlink ( to another post, thread, webpage or similar online resource, using 'vBulletin tags'
loonspud [noun] derogatory term for conspiracy theorist, typically applied by a mod into the taglines of banned 'CT'ers', eg "banned bonkers loonspud deluxe"


Magpie's Law [noun] the informal principle of 'thread ownership' by which a thread starter's 'OP' is considered to set the tone against which subsequent posts' appropriateness can be measured. Origin relates to a 'dead thread' (qv), in which an honorific OP paying tribute to Brian Clough was deemed to have set the tone for the whole thread, and those posters who had posted less complimentary opinions of the deceased football gaffer in question were asked by Mrs Magpie to cease and desist, or at least to take it to another thread posted up for the purpose of criticising said cold clogger
marmot [noun] fluffy yet dangerously toothy rodentian cousin of 'kittens'
massy [adjective] not describable by a word, but as a picture, it goes a little like this:
mmmskyscraper [verb] (1) to hang by a very fine, gossamer-like thread over a deep, dark ravine; (2) to love someone yet publicly deny it: "Ern and Editor? They're just mutual mmmskyscrapers."
moby [verb] to return time and again under various disguises, only to be banned each time: "I'm sure that new poster x is actually old poster y mobying."
mod [noun] moderator - a poster of great power - the ability of banning, binning, deleting, adding poll options, changing poll options, editing other people's posts and much more are all within the mighty arsenal at a mod's disposal. cf 'admin'
multirigger [noun] a 'free party' featuring several different sound systems or rigs
Munt (
) [noun] (formally: Tribe Of Munt) a 'free party' outfit popular with 'Urbanites'
munt [verb] the imbibing of intoxicants combined with attendance at 'free parties'
munter [noun] one who munts

nest [verb] to quote a series of 'posts' in sequence to illustrate an exchange between posters, or a response/responses to a particular post.
To 'nest' quotations, one puts all the [ QUOTE= ] tags at the beginning, and all the [ /QUOTE ] tags at the end (see 'vbulletin tags')
nested quote [noun] (formally: nested quotation) a quoted 'post' shown in (sequential) relation to another post
'New Posts' [noun] page displaying the most recently posted-on threads; access by pressing the 'New Posts (' button on the main toolbar
newbie [noun] a new 'poster' (not to be confused with Newbie the poster)
'ning [exclamation] multipurpose greeting used by the denizens of the Lonely Hearts ( thread
ninjaboy [verb] to post many, many pointless threads
nomoney [noun] extreme and vocally sectarian dogmatist who can't see how anyone can come to different conclusions to their sect
norman [adjective] a conceptual colour not yet discovered
Normanbury [noun] the best festival of the summer, renowned for the difficulty in obtaining tickets, and famed for its disco cushion, killing fields and fairy tents
nosos [verb] deliberately post up contrarian arguments, to be a devil's advocate - only more so; (2) to never make decisions by yourself when you can ask on here what to do (cf 'b')
numbnuts [noun] a fool; an idiot

OCB ( [noun] (formally: One Cell Brain) a 'free party' sound system popular with 'Urbanites'
Offline ( [noun] a monthly club night in Brixton organised by the Editor, and featuring many 'Urbanite' DJs, musicians, poets, artists and other performers
oice [exclamation] (1) post-coital cry (2) a shout of pain, exasperation (3) synonym of 'eureka'
OP [noun] 'original post', ie the first post on a thread
'Orgy 6, the' [noun] a sordid half-dozen Urbanites who infamously indulged in polyamory - see the urban orgy 5 ( (the sixth was writing the thread)


P&P [noun] the 'Politics, Protest & Current Affairs (' forums
PBase ( [noun] a picture-hosting website, useful for 'image posting', especially if you want to keep large galleries of your photos or artwork online to share with others and to 'link' to. You can get a free trial account, but these are limited in function (cf 'ImageShack', 'Flickr'; qv 'image posting')
peeb [verb] to deliberately make spelling and grammatical mistakes in the middle of a heated debate to sidetrack your opponents into criticising your English instead of demolishing your argument
peebed [adjective] mildly confused; "That chap seems a bit peebed over gun control."
peekay [verb] to loudly call everyone a cunt who deserves to die while actually being a really nice bloke
people-untroubled [adjective] (of conspiracy websites) when the only sound is that of one's own brain implant pulsing barely audibly above the dull hum of a computer fan and the white noise CD playing in the background to jam any thought control transmissions 'they' are aiming at you
permaban [noun] a permanent 'ban'; only a lot of grovelling can get you back
personal insult-a-thon [noun] a post or posts characterised by 'ad homs', which are verboten by the 'FAQs'
pitchfork [noun] long-handled instrument with widely spaced prongs used by 'Urbanite' habitués of the 'Lonely Hearts Thread' to ward off, extract or generally toss out couples
PM [noun] a private message ( between posters; a poster may store up to 50 PM's in their 'box', though 'mod's have unlimited PM storage space [verb] to contact another poster by way of the 'private message' system; see here ( for location of main PM box control link
poll [verb] to gather information for use at the time of a revolution
post [noun] a contribution on a 'thread'; every post has its own post number, marked by a # symbol and a number, to the top right of the post. The default setting is 25 'PPP', though this can be increased to as much as 40PPP through the 'Edit Options (' button in the 'User CP (' [verb] to make a 'post' on the 'boards'
poster [noun] someone who posts on Urban; cf 'Urbanite'
postcount [noun] the number of posts a poster has made on the boards; to some a precious thing, to be protected from 'culls'
poului [verb] wi77oetyjdy09erudy098u5rey
PPD [noun] 'posts per day' (ie a poster's average daily 'postcount', viewable on their 'CP')
PPP [noun] 'posts per page'; by default this is 25, but you can change this through your 'User CP'
prerory [adjective] having the tourette's-like tendency to switch suddenly between spanish and cockney without notice
psytrance [noun] psychedelic trance (, a style of electronic music favoured by the tie dye-inclined, the butt of many jokes in the Music Forum ( "Better than Busted, but not as good as McFly" (Miniemanja); "cosmic hippie crap" (Blagsta)
pub [noun] in the words of Geri, "a creche for adults" (eg the Albert)


quaffage [noun] the consumption of alcohol, usually in a pub, and marked by a 'quaffage thread'
quaffage thread [noun] a 'thread' used to announce and/or arrange 'quaffage'

rascist [noun] racist, usually ironic
renfrew [verb] to periodically re-emerge under a new identity but post exactly the same hackneyed stories and tired prejudices
rentonity [noun] the practice of posting meaningless, colossally-prejudiced stream-of-consciousness bollocks that reveals the poster to be a wee bit of an eejit
*reports post* [action] an indication (usually ironic) that one has reported a defamatory, FAQ-busting or otherwise offensive post to the mods; often tongue-in-cheek
repost police [noun] collective name for posters who jump in (often with rolleyes turned up to 11) to announce that a 'link' posted by someone else "is, like, so old, we had that when the servers were still running on town gas", etc
riscoque [noun] a revolutionary genre of music
r'n'b [verb] to pretend to be hard, street and have lots of friends of vastly varying political persuasions who all drink together
rory [adjective] confusing; bamboozling; "That's a bit rory, mate - can you be a bit clearer?"
RUC [noun] initialism for the 'SWP'-linked political party Respect The Unity Coalition (qv 'Wespect'); generally applied in a derogatory context, alluding to the (now disbanded) Royal Ulster Constabulary


sarcastic [adjective] (in relation to food) excessive, vast, huge, immense; "I went on a picnic and ended up gorging on sarcastic food."
serial returner [noun] easily-spotted banned 'poster' obsessively returning to the 'boards' only to be booted out again within minutes
shed [noun] drugs forum totem
sheeple [noun] characteristic cry levelled at a critic by a 'freeper' (qv) when challenged
shippou [verb] to have one's sexual interests tied to Japanese comics to a worrying degree: "He seemed so normal, yet I discovered he is totally shippoued."
silly [noun] a very bad or foolish person, as in "You big silly!"
smilie [noun] (a.k.a. emoticon) small graphic or icon employed in place or support of actual writing, to convey emotion (eg rage embarrassment or confusion
On the page on which you type out your 'post' there is a selection of smilies for your use and abuse - simply press the smilie you wish to use and it appears at the end of your post. Smilies can also be created on your keyboard without having to use the buttons: a happy smilie is colon-close bracket, an angry smilie is colon-mad-colon, grinning smilie is colon-D and so on (with no spaces between characters). Smilies count as images, and you may not use more than 5 images per post (and on some forums, such as the Feedback Forum (, images are blocked. See also 'vBulletin tags' and 'image posting'
sniper [noun] a 'troll' of minor importance, notable for short, often smilie-heavy posts, in which they reveal little of their own opinion yet manage to belittle someone else's
spangle [verb] to reinvigorate through one's own spangledness
spangled [adjective] (1) ubiquitous, excitable, bubbly and ecstatic, all at once; (2) relating to the stage between a party and a comedown
sparkling [adjective] fairy-like and fluffy; "Awww, she's so sparkling!"
St. Reatham [noun] the 'gentrified' form of Streatham
stalminist [noun] a stalinist, usually in an ironic sense. cf 'rascist', 'homophone', 'facist'
stobart [noun] random post enticing attention with a tit pun
straw man [argument] [noun] a weak or fallacious argument presented so as to be defeated; the (deliberate) misrepresentation of an opponent's argument
string out [verb] to punish one poster for the 'crimes' of another, often in a pique of 'ernism'; "Bloody hell, did you see that thread last night? That fella was totally strung out to dry!"
surplus [adjective] a waste, extraneous, unwanted; "You surplus cunt, fuck off!"
swappie [noun] member of the 'SWP'; student radical (qv 'wadical')
swarthy [verb] (1) to post cod-controversial bilge and pictures of bakery products (2) to worship a cod-controversialist
SWP [noun] the Socialist Workers Party (, a self-identified 'trot' organisation (linked to the 'RUC') much mocked by many for its flip-flopping policies, fondness for front groups, and revolving door membership (often of the 'wevolutionary' or 'wiberal' variety)


temp ban [noun] a temporary 'ban' put on a poster by a mod for a defined period of time, typically 24 or 48 hours, but also in other increments, from 12 hours to "till the end of the school holidays" (eg Mrs Magpie banning ernestolynch). Usually used to punish minor infractions of the 'FAQs' (qv)
thread [noun] a collection of 'posts' in a 'forum' on the 'boards' defined by a thread title and (generally) a common topic
threadology [noun] the statistical analysis of posting behaviour and trends across the 'boards'. also known as 'forumatics'; cf 'digital palaeography'. For examples, see 'threadology & forumatics: where do you do yours? ('
thread husbandry [noun] the act of managing one's threads, usually by means of updates, 'bumping', 'cross-posting', 'linking', editing out errors and other activity. Thread husbandry is about achieving good 'trade', often by means of acquiring as many thread 'subscriptions' off of other posters as possible. This in turn means making one's own threads as visible as possible, especially by way of a constant presence at the top of 'forum' or 'new posts' pages
thread mining [noun] the art of strategic 'bumping', by which a poster searches through forums for older, neglected threads which interest them personally and which they think may yet do good 'trade'; cf 'thread husbandry'
tin-foil hatter [noun] a person who believes or give credence to theories considered to be vastly at odds with prevailing norms; a conspiracy theorist notable for a deep distrust of authority, typified by the figurative tin-foil hat worn to protect from government mind control rays. cf 'CT'er', 'conspiraloon', 'loonspud'
Tobyjug fact, Tobyjug FACT [noun] a specific manifestation of 'Cornish logic'
tout [noun] an informer or grass; a turncoat or traitor
trade [noun] activity on a 'thread'; the general rule of thumb is that a thread doing good trade will receive between ten and twenty 'views' for every 'post'.
tribal [verb] to choose a username which seem to stand in direct opposition to what one actually believes in/stands for
trockist [noun] a 'trot'; from the Russian
troll [verb] to disrupt the boards, post up offensive/argumentative stuff with no other point than to make a fuss/create mayhem/quarrel/get the thread binned; [noun] (1) person engaged in trolling; (2) accusation levelled at someone with a different view, akin to saying "You have beaten me in an argument, and i'm taking my ball home" (arch ernism)
trot [noun] a trotskyite or trotskyist; an adherent to the ideas of Lev Davidovich Bernstein, a.k.a. Leon Trotsky, particularly of world revolution; a member or supporter of one of the 57 varieties of left-wing sect, such as the 'SWP', Socialist Party etc
turtle [verb] to stroke, massage or otherwise physically relax another, usually with an inanimate object
twathammer [noun] a person who does/says something stupid. "You total twathammer!" - but also: "Have u been hit with the twathammer again clarrence?" (attributed to loud1)
twot [noun] a derogatory term for a 'trot'; qv 'wevolutionary'
twottery [noun] the behaviour or activity of a 'twot'
twunt [noun] a twat and a cunt in one handy package (call it a bogof offer); an idiot;

U75 [noun] that would be Urban75 (or, given the capitalophobia of the editor, 'urban75'); the 'boards', the website and the community, both individually and collectively
überturd [noun] a crap that fights back; a log that's more rock than roll; a concrete shit, usually of gargantuan proportions (coined after resident scatologist professor djbombscare discovered a "dundee cake wrapped in a swiss roll" in a toilet at work)
*unsubscribes from thread* [action] a way of distancing oneself from a thread, especially if one perceives that it has become full of 'personal insult-a-thons', or else has just got a bit crap. cf '*bookmarks*'
Urban time [noun] very different and much slower than real time
Urbanite [noun] person with too much time and internet access on their hands; a habitué of the 'boards'
User CP [noun] 'User Control Panel', a poster's own personal dashboard, containing controls over 'PMs', 'Buddy List', 'Ignore List', profile information, their settings for time/date display, 'PPP' etc. Accessible through the 'User CP ( button on the main toolbar; see here ( for location<


vanity search [noun] the act of using the search function ( to find any reference to oneself on the boards (first known usage: kameron, 1/5/05 (
vBulletin tags [noun] a 'bbcode', and the means by which posters may 'hotlink' to pictures, post 'smilies', 'link' to webpages, quote other people and other useful things.

To 'hotlink' to images you sandwich the url (or web address) of an online picture between IMG tags - ie, [ IMG ] at the beginning, and
[ /IMG ] at the end, but without the spaces.

To 'link' to webpages you do the same except with [ URL ] [ /URL ]; to quote someone, [ QUOTE ] [ /QUOTE ], with the tags placed around the text you wish to quote.

To name a 'link', one would type [ URL= ] before the label one wished to give the link, and follow it with the closing [ /URL ] tag (without spaces). eg [ URL= ]urban75[ /URL ] without spaces gives urban75 (

Similarly, to name a person being quoted, the first tag would read [ QUOTE=the name of the quoted source ] (again, without spaces).

eg [ QUOTE=Kained & Unable ]Hamers are on topp forme at the mooment! [ /QUOTE ] without spaces gives Hamers are on topp forme at the mooment!
Further to these tags, there are also tags for text size, font and colour, amongst others. All these tags can be accessed by buttons on the page on which you type out your post. For more help on [IMG] tags, see entry for 'image posting'
views [noun] the number of times a 'thread' has been accessed (and presumably read)
vimto [verb] to attempt but fail to post up images; "I tried to get a picture of me with a mohican up on the ugly mug thread, but it looks like I vimtoed it..."


wadical [noun] (usually young) student/ex-public school leftist (derogatory) (cf 'wevolutionary', 'wiberal')
wanking & spanking [noun] the 'health, relationships, sexuality (' forum (qv 'knobbing & sobbing')
Wespect [noun] (often: Wespec') derogatory term for the 'SWP'-linked political party Respect The Unity Coalition (qv 'RUC')
wevolutionary [noun] left-orientated political (armchair) activist, with overtones of pomposity and/or sanctimony (cf 'wadical', 'wiberal')
'Who Posted?' [noun] a 'link' accessing information on who has posted on a particular thread and how many times. See here ( for an illustration
wiberal [noun] offensive variant of 'liberal' (cf 'Guardianista'), usually employed to wind up the recipient (cf 'wevolutionary', 'wadical')
willy-waver [noun] person obsessed with post count
wolfbagging [noun] a sexual practice involving bacon rind and the gag reflex
wolfie [verb] to ignore, as in "I'm going to wolfie that moron!"
womrade [noun] mildly derogatory (or by turns affectionate) term for a member of the wombles (
work at/from home, to [verb] to play on Urban all day, or recover from druggie weekend whilst staring blankly at computer screen wearing your pyjamas

zeedoodle [verb] to semi-retire from the boards into domestic bliss, surfacing for the occasional party: "Whatever happened to old whatisname?" "Oh, he's still out there somewhere, zeedoodling happily along…."

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