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urban75 bulletin boards: reported post guidelines

Above every post on the boards you can see this small icon: report post

This lets you 'report' an abusive/racist/rule-breaking post and notify the moderators about its content. Here is a set of guidelines for using the function.

1. Before reporting a post please check that a mod hasn't already commented on the complaint later on in the thread. There isn't much point telling us about a thread when we're already posting on it!

2. Please explain the nature of your complaint clearly and include relevant background detail if appropriate - just adding the words "dodgy post!" doesn't help us make sense of the problem!

3. Please do not act on the behalf of others and complain about comments aimed at other users who are active in the thread. It is up to them to decide whether they are offended or not (however, if the post breaks the FAQ and/or is racist/defamatory etc., then it is appropriate to do so).

4. Reporting posts for fun/as a wind up etc. Don't do it please. Ever.

It should be noted that the reported post function is an absolutely vital tool to help the mods keep these boards running smoothly, especially with the recent huge increase in traffic.

We absolutely rely on, and welcome, posters helping us out by reporting dodgy posts.

However, over-eager, over-sensitive or inappropriate use takes up valuable mods' time and can result in a ban, so we would ask you to consider the guidelines above.

Thank you.

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