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User names FAQ
Rules for registering and using user names on the urban75 boards

User name changes: These are only undertaken in exceptional circumstances because they create work for the mods and often lead to confusion amongst readers. However, if you have concerns that your user name is causing you real-life problems (e.g. stalking boyfriend, lurking boss), then PM a mod and request a new user name. PLEASE check that the name is not already taken. Completely flippant requests for user name changes will most likely be rejected and we will rarely change a name more than once.

The use of multiple usernames is also not allowed on urban75 except under very limited circumstances (see below).

Reasons not to have multiple accounts include:

"I forgot my password so I re-registered"
There is a "remind password" button; use that first. If that isn't appropriate for some reason, send an email, ask someone in the chatroom to send a PM or similar - we'll take it from there.

"I wanted to change my name"
If you want to change your name, PM a mod. If you meet a mod socially and tell them pesonally, you must still send a PM before posting under your new ID (because mods tend to forget things like that when they're out having a good time).

"I was banned but I've changed, honest, maybe if I come back under another name and am nice I can prove it"
Sorry. This isn't the way to get unbanned. It's been tolerated occasionally in the past but not any more. If you really want to come back, send an email.

"I want a fresh start, this username has too much baggage attached to it"
This is rarely a good reason - for a start, it never works anyway. Under very unusual circumstances (not just on a whim) it might be permitted, but you should always, always PM first.

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