urban75 website notches up 120 million page views in just three years

urban75 bulletin boards notch up ten million visits and 84 million page views in three years

I always feared that with the rise of Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites, the long running bulletin boards on urban75 would slowly fade into relative insignificance.

Happily, the reverse seems to be true, with the boards now attracting more visitors, more unique visits and more pageviews than ever before.

urban75 website notches up 120 million page views in just three years

Over the period from July 1st 2010 to July 1st July 2013, the bulletin boards registered a staggering 84 million page views, made up of nearly ten million individual visits from five million unique visitors. Users on the site have now made a total of well over 12 million posts.

The average visitor was recorded as spending around 12 minutes on the site and reading around 8 pages, with the majority of visitors being from the UK, followed by the US and then Australia and Canada.


The other parts of the site (urban75.org and urban75.com) have also seen huge amounts of traffic, collectively notching up another 20 million visits, 17 million unique users and 35 million pageviews over the same period.

The urban75 boards remain independent,  free to use and carry no advertising, sponsorship or branding – come and join in!

Find out more about the history and background to the boards here.